The Investment Banker for A/D Manufacturers  (Click for an Executive Summary)

Founded in 2002 by Ysrael Kanot, Mergers & Business Acquisitions, Inc. (MBA)  has assisted dozens of companies to achieve organic growth and accomplish successful M&A transactions.

With offices in Los Angeles and Orange County, California, MBA serves manufacturers, distributors and suppliers, primarily in the Aerospace & Defense sectors.

MBA utilizes a dual-path strategic approach:

Investment BankingMBA represents sellers or buyers of private companies. We facilitate value-maximizing M&A activities which include selling, joint ventures, refinancing, ESOP programs, and other types of transactions.

Global Sourcing:  Through its home office and locations in Toulouse, France, and Tel Aviv, Israel, MBA assists American companies to access the global A/D industry through sub-contract relationships that expand their revenues while strengthening their ties with industry leaders.

No Upfront Fees

Unlike most M&A advisory companies, MBA performs all M&A-related services without charging retainer or monthly service fees to its clients. MBA’s entire compensation is in the form of a success fee, which is payable only when a transaction is completed.

Our Services

For owners who seek to sell all or part of their company, MBA will:

 Facilitate the sale process

  Prepare financial reports and projections, valuation, confidential memorandum ‘book’ and,
      when needed, a virtual data room

  Identify and reach out to selected prospective strategic and financial buyers

  Negotiate buy-sell agreements

For buyers seeking acquisitions, MBA will:

  Identify buyer’s target criteria

  Create a presentation book

  Identify potential sellers

  Present the opportunity to selected potential sellers

  Assist in all transaction stages

For companies seeking organic growth, MBA will:

  Identify the company’s unique advantages for international customers

  Initiate international sub-contract manufacturing relationships

  Arrange strategic alliances with Tier I and Tier II international customers

  Perform supply chain monitoring during the relationship