Aerospace Manufacturers

US Sub-Contract Manufacturing for Global A/D Customers

Aerospace Manufacturers (AM) initiates and facilitates sub-contract relationships between aerospace/defense (A/D) manufacturers in the United States and A/D customers in Europe and Israel. A subsidiary of Mergers & Business Acquisitions, Inc., AM has its headquarters in Los Angeles, California, with offices in Israel and France.

Benefits to US Manufacturers

AM assists US companies to achieve organic growth through international sub-contract relationships. This expands their revenue base, while providing long-term benefits by strengthening their ties wit leading international A/D customers.

Benefits to European & Israeli companies

AM has extensive, long-standing relationships with a wide range of US A/D manufacturers, and can quickly locate appropriate suppliers for international customers. In addition to introducing new US sources for manufacturing, AM activities enable those customers to fulfill their offset (buyback) obligations.

Manufacturing Technologies

AM has introduced and maintains Supply Chain Monitoring activities with US manufacturers of components and sub-assemblies, in the following technologies: 

Mergers & Business Acquisitions - Ysrael Kanot
Mergers & Business Acquisitions - Ysrael Kanot