Our Process, When Working With Sellers

To assist a seller in maximizing the value of the company, MBA begins by preparing a Valuation Analysis. This valuation is based upon the past financial performance of the company, backlog and projects, operational and marketing strategies, intellectual property (patents, trade secrets, etc.), growth potential, and the strengths of its management team.

Following this Valuation Analysis, MBA's role in representing the seller includes:

  •  Preparing an Executive Summary presenting the Company as a credible Seller

  •  Identifying and approaching potential buyers, to whom we present the Executive Summary

  •   Obtaining Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) to enable sharing of confidential information

  •   Preparing a Confidential Memorandum 'book' that includes a full presentation of the seller's company

  •   Transmitting the 'book' to potential buyers after receipt of the signed NDA

  •   Preparing a virtual (online) data room when needed

  •   Soliciting 'Indication of Interest' letters

  •   Selecting the group of preferred buyers

  •   Coordinating and participating in buyer’s visits to, and meetings with, the Company

  •   Guiding Company through the deal structure and the negotiation of the Letter of Intent

  •  Coordinating Due Diligence activities

  •   Assisting in understanding and negotiating the Definitive Purchase Agreement

  •  Guiding the Company through final activities leading to the closing

MBA charges no upfront fee for all the activities above.